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Mirgi Ka Dura

Apasmar or Epilepsy can be defined as a disease caused due to the derangement of the intellect and the mind characterized by loss of memory, loss of consciousness and convulsive movements of the body.


In those persons in whom the humors have become excessive and deranged on account of addiction to unwholesome and unclean food, the sattva quality has become obscured by passion and ignorance, the brain has become occlude with morbid humors and the mind is oppressed with worry, passion, fright, anger, grief and anxiety etc. epilepsy makes its manifestation.


• Person gets overpowered with stupor.
• Derangement of mind.
• Observance of imaginary things.
• Dropping down suddenly.
• Afflicted with tremours.
• Eyes and eyebrows become distorted.
• Foam issues from the mouth.
• Hand and feet become convulsed.
• When the convulsion is over, consciousness is regained as though waking-up from sleep.

1. Vataj- apsmar - a person of vata constitution afflicted with epilepsy observes visual aura of forms that are dusky-red or black in colour. He is afflicted with tremours and gnashes his teeth. Foam also issues from his mouth.

2. Pittaj- apsmar - a person of pitta constitution afflicted with epilepsy observes a visual aura of forms that are yellow or red in colour. Saliva, limbs, mouth and eyes have an acidic tinge. He is afflicted with excessive thirst and heat and generally visualizes the whole world as being in flames.

3. Kaphaj- apsmar - a person of kapha constitution afflicted with epilepsy observes visual aura of white shapes and takes a long time to recover from fits. The saliva, limbs, mouth and eyes are white in colour. His body becomes cold and heavy.

4. Tridoshaj- apsmar - Accompanied with all the symptoms in all their intensity, it is incurable.

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